Software Tools

Software Tools

The Energy Technologies Area offers a variety of free, sophisticated software tools, notably Windows software, designed to support developers of energy-efficient windows, and DER-CAM, a powerful and comprehensive decision support tool that primarily serves the purpose of finding optimal distributed energy resource (DER) investments in the context of either buildings or multi-energy microgrids. Scroll to review all of the software ETA provides, free and open to the public.

Building Performance DatabaseBuildings and Urban Systems Tools

Software and other tools to support the design and operation of energy-efficient buildings.
Building Tools and Guides



Software tools for windows

Software Tools for Windows

Now industry standards, software developed by Berkeley Lab, helps architects and engineers design and specify windows, and public officials develop new energy codes.
Windows and Daylighting Software Tools



ICE Calculator

Estimating Electricity Interruption Costs

The Interruption Cost Estimate (ICE) Calculator estimates electricity interruption costs and/or the benefits associated with reliability improvements.
ICE Calculator



Targeting Energy Retrofits

Targeting Tool for Energy Retrofits

Building Efficiency Targeting Tool for Energy Retrofits (BETTER) helps building operators quickly and easily identify the most cost-saving energy efficiency measures in buildings and portfolios using readily available building and energy data.



eProject Builder

Portfolio Energy Tracking

eProject Builder (ePB) helps agencies and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) preserve, track, and report information for their portfolio of energy services projects.
eProject Builder



Additional Tools Available

In addition, ETA offers a full suite of Tools and Guides on a wide variety of subjects and applications at the below websites: