White Paper on Energy Efficiency Status of Energy-Using Products in China (2011)

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During the closing year of 11th Five-Year Plan, the enforcement of major energy efficiency policies, implementation of energy efficiency tasks in each region and sector, and unprecedented target and responsibility assessments were all emphasized, so as to guarantee the achievement of the energy conservation and emission reduction goals of the 11th Five-Year Plan. Among them, the following actions targeted major energy-using products: active promotion of energy efficient products and technologies; the publishing of a promotion catalogue of key national energy saving technologies (3rd edition); continuous implementation of the "energy-saving products discount program" project, specifically for the promotion of highly energy efficient air conditioners, energy efficient automobiles and energy efficient motors, new energy automobiles, high efficiency lighting equipment (to replace all low-efficiency lighting equipment for city street lighting, public areas, and public institutions in eastern and central regions as well as western regions where possible); expansion of the coverage of energy efficiency labeling, along with the publishing of the 6th edition of energy efficient label products catalogue; implementation of mandatory and prioritized energy efficient products in government procurement program, thus perfecting the dynamic management system of the government energy-saving product procurement list; implementation of a faster schedule of improvement for legislation and standards; development of energy efficiency management regulations, energy measurement supervision regulations, and energy-saving product certification administration regulations for key energy-users; and lastly development and improvement of energy efficiency standards for energy-using products as well as energy consumption standards for buildings.

This White Paper focuses on the areas and products involved in the above tasks, based on the White Paper - Energy Efficiency Status of Energy-Using Products in China (2010), here referred to as "White Paper 2010", which analyzed the energy efficiency status of 21 typical energy-using products1 in five sectors: household appliances, office equipment, commercial equipment, industrial equipment, and lighting equipment. Table 1 illustrates the detailed product coverage for this year's paper, noting the addition of three household appliance items (automatic electric rice cooker, AC electric fan, and household induction cooktop) and one industrial sector item (three-phase distribution transformer).

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