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Latest Database Release: USPVDB_V1_0_20231108

The latest release includes data on 3,699 large-scale solar photovoltaic facilities in operation across 47 states and Washington, D.C. through the end of 2021. The oldest facility in the data set began operation in 1986.

Click here to go to the U.S. Large-Scale Solar Photovoltaic Database website and online viewer, where the USPVDB data can be downloaded.

This site holds the codebooks, memos and other information about the most recent USPVDB data release.  Please email  for information. To be added to the USPVDB mailing list to receive information about upcoming releases etc, please go here.

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A paper providing detailed descriptions of the methodology used to assemble this dataset can be found here: Fujita, K.S., Ancona, Z..H., Kramer, L.A., Diffendorfer, J.E., Straka, M., Gautreau, T.E., Robson, D., Hoen, B. and Garrity, C.P., Georectified polygon database of ground-mounted large-scale solar photovoltaic sites in the United States. Scientific Data (2023) (

A brief overview of this study can be found here

A webinar describing the data sources and the data viewer was recorded on Nov 16, 2023, and can be viewed here


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