Technology Assessments of High Performance Envelope with Optimized Lighting, Solar Control, and Daylighting

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Innovative, cost-effective, energy efficiency technologies and strategies for new and retrofit construction markets are essential for achieving near-term, broad market impacts. This study focuses on innovative shading and daylighting technologies that have the potential to significantly curtail annual cooling and lighting electricity use and reduce summer peak electric demand, particularly in the hot, sunny, inland areas where there has been significant population growth.

The building industry is well aware that energy-efficiency potential does not always match actual, real world performance in the field due to a variety of mitigating factors. Third party verification of the energy savings potential of innovative technologies is important for market adoption. In the case of shading and daylighting technologies, new simulation tools have only recently been developed to improve modeling accuracy. Market acceptance is also heavily dependent on how well the technology balances comfort and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) requirements (e.g., view, brightness, etc.). PG&E commissioned this full-scale monitored study to better understand the impact of mitigating factors on performance so as to make more informed decisions when constructing program interventions that support technology adoption in the market.

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