A Stochastic Optimal Power Flow for Scheduling Flexible Resources in Microgrids Operation

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Microgrid operations are challenging due to variability in loads and renewable energy generation. Advanced tools capable of taking uncertainty into account are essential to maximize microgrid benefits when operating microgrid owned DERs. This paper proposes a novel optimization model for day-ahead economic dispatch of flexible resources within a microgrid environment, considering uncertainty of PV and loads.This model is conceived to support the microgrid supervisory control layer, providing a security-constrained day-ahead strategy to operate three types of microgrid flexible resources: PV, electric storage and controllable loads. The work presented in this paper introduces a novelty in microgrid operations by presenting a stochastic version of the day ahead scheduling of microgrid DERs to deal with uncertainties associated with PV, load and temperature while considering microgrid network limits and end-user comfort as optimization constraints. An annual analysis quantifies the benefits of to the microgrid-owner of a stochastic formulation over a deterministic one both in terms of ensuring end-user comfort and decreasing operation costs.

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