Open Automated Demand Response Communications Specification (Version 1.0)

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The development of the Open Automated Demand Response Communications Specification, also known as OpenADR or Open Auto‐DR, began in 2002 following the California electricity crisis. This specification describes an open standards‐based communications data model designed to promote common information exchange between the utility or Independent System Operator and electric customers using demand response price and reliability signals. OpenADR is one element of the Smart Grid information and communications technologies that are being developed to improve optimization between electric supply and demand. The intention of the open automated demand response communications data model is to provide interoperable signals to building and industrial control systems that are pre‐programmed to take action based on a demand response signal, enabling a demand response event to be fully automated, with no manual intervention. The concept of an open specification is intended to allow anyone to implement the signaling systems, the automation server, or the automation clients. This communication specification is an essential enabling technology for California’s future electrical grid. OpenADR will provide benefits to California by both increasing the number of facilities that participate in demand response, and reducing the cost to conduct frequent and persistent participation in demand response. The work has been carried out by the Demand Response Research Center (DRRC), which is managed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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