Integrated Simulation Environment for Lighting Design

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Lighting design involves the consideration of multiple performance criteria, from the earliest stages of conceptual design, through various stages of controls and operation in a project's life cycle. These criteria include a) the quantitative analysis of illuminance and luminance distribution due to daylighting and electric lighting, b) qualitative analysis of the lighting design with photometrically accurate renderings of the designed environment, c) analysis of energy implications of daylighting and electric lighting design and operation, and d) analysis of control strategies and sensor placement for maximizing energy savings from lighting control while providing visual comfort.

In this paper we describe the development of an integrated decision-making environment that brings together several different tools, and provides the data management and process control required for a multi-criterion support of the design and operation of daylighting and electric lighting systems. The result is a powerful design and decision-making environment to meet the diverse and evolving needs of lighting designers and operators.


2001 IESNA Conference

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