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This chapter addresses past, ongoing, and short (to 2010) and medium-term (to 2030) future actionsthat can be taken to mitigate GHG emissions from the manufacturing and process industries.

Globally, and in most countries, CO2 accounts for more than 90% of CO2-eq GHG emissions fromthe industrial sector (Price et al., 2006; US EPA, 2006b). These CO2 emissions arise from threesources: (1) the use of fossil fuels for energy, either directly by industry for heat and power genera-tion or indirectly in the generation of purchased electricity and steam; (2) non-energy uses of fossilfuels in chemical processing and metal smelting; and (3) non-fossil fuel sources, for example ce-15 ment and lime manufacture. Industrial processes also emit other GHGs.


Climate Change 2007: Mitigation

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Contribution of Working group III to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [B. Metz, O.R. Davidson, P.R. Bosch, R. Dave, L.A. Meyer (eds)]


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