The Impact of Control Technology on the Demand Response Potential of California Industrial Refrigerated Facilities Final Report

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The primary objective of this report was to provide an overview of the variety of industrial refrigerated facilities, refrigeration systems, and control systems found throughout California. Since robust control systems are considered key to reliable and safe demand response participation, an evaluation of nearly three hundred facilities was undertaken to identify the current landscape of industrial refrigeration control systems found in the state. The evaluation included review of the information database developed to characterize these facilities as well as phone conversations with several facility managers.

In addition to a review of existing refrigeration and control systems, the second objective of this report was to identify the challenges to maximizing the demand response potential related to: facility types, operational factors and product quality, refrigeration system configurations and control system architectures.

The report was structured with sections addressing each of the primary objectives. The information presented in this report is intended to set the stage for future development of a set of specific demand response guidelines for the various types of industrial refrigerated facilities. This future effort would provide facility owners and operators managers with detailed, actionable demand response control options to apply in their individual facilities.

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