A Comparison Between Calculated and Measured SHGC For Complex Fenestration Systems

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Calorimetric measurements of the dynamic net heat flow through a complex fenestration system consisting of a buff venetian blind inside clear double glazing are used to derive the direction-dependent beam SHGC of the fenestration. These measurements are compared with calculations according to a proposed general method for deriving complex fenestration system SHGCs from bidirectional layer optical properties and generic calorimetric properties. Previously published optical measurements of the same venetian blind and generic inward-flowing fraction measurements are used in the calculation. The authors find satisfactory agreement between the SHGC measurements and the calculation.

Significant dependence on incident angle was found in the measured SHGCs. Profile angle was not found to be a useful variable in characterizing the system performance. The predicted SHGC was found to be inherently dependent on two angles, although only the incident angle variations were observable under the test conditions.


ASHRAE Transactions


102, Part 1

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