The Advanced Cooling Market Tracker: Monitoring deployment of climate-friendly cooling technology worldwide

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In 2016, the Clean Energy Ministerial launched the Advanced Cooling (AC) Challenge, which challenges governments, companies, and other stakeholders to make, sell, promote, or install superefficient space cooling and refrigeration solutions that are smart, climate-friendly, and affordable. To aid Challenge participants in meeting these goals, the AC Challenge is developing the AC Market Tracker, which aggregates data on product models sold online in participant nations and other nations of interest, focusing initially on small residential air conditioners, which are expected to be a highgrowth area in emerging markets in the near term. Automated software gathers public information on the air conditioner models sold in each nation, cross-references the data against government energy efficiency certification databases, and presents the resulting data to users via interactive data visualization tools. The primary objectives of the database are to support (1) determination of market baselines, (2) benchmarking and cross-market comparison, (3) procurement of efficient cooling equipment, and (4) tracking of market progress toward a more climate-friendly cooling future. In this paper, we describe the framework and functionality of the market tracker, as well as the data collected to date, and we present example data visualizations and other tools that support the primary database objectives. We discuss key insights that can be drawn from the current database.


9th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting

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