William Miller

William Miller

Program Manager 4


William C. Miller focuses on energy efficiency program planning and deployment emphasizing tracking, measurement, reporting and standards development. He is a member of the US Delegation to the International Standards Organization’s Technical Committees on energy management and energy efficiency measurement and served as co-chair for evaluation, measurement and verification for the American National Standards Institute’s Energy Efficiency Standards Coordinating Collaborative. He has consulted on components advancing energy efficiency evaluation in the US and supported DOE’s efforts to enhance its own program assessment methodologies.

Prior to his current position, he managed the energy efficiency strategy, policy and regulatory activities for the Customer Energy Efficiency Department at Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). For 20 years he oversaw the company’s energy efficiency policy, planning and regulatory activities and served as an expert witness. He oversaw development of the PG&E’s “Zero Net Energy Pilot Program”, its contribution to the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan and its integration of energy efficiency and electric resource planning.

Before joining PG&E, he spent 10 years in academia, engaged in teaching and research.

Dr. Miller received a B.S. degree in Economics from Stanford University and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Minnesota.


2023 R&D 100 Award: R&D 100 Professional Team of the Year -  August 29th 2023

The Energy Management Systems Team receives the R&D 100 Professional Team of the Year Award from R&D World for its ongoing international efforts to advance energy management business practices in the commercial, manufacturing, and institutional sectors. The team has collectively built on each other’s strengths to make a profound impact in their respective fields. By leveraging their diverse academic and personal backgrounds, the team has created a technical program that reaches people working in all sectors of the economy. The team has published international standards, conducted original research, delivered technical assistance to organizations globally, developed professional workforce certification programs, and partnered with private and public sector organizations to accelerate the deployment of energy management business practices. The team’s resources and practices have been adopted by tens of thousands of organizations worldwide, including large and small manufacturers, regional hospital groups, government agencies, schools and universities, and corporate and boutique hotel chains. To learn more about energy management system business practices, visit 50001Ready.lbl.gov.


Spot: William Miller -  February 24th 2022

For persistent and professional bearing throughout the development of ISO 50010

2017 Director’s Awards for Exceptional Achievement: Societal Impact -  April 3rd 2018

For research of barriers limiting adoption of ISO 50001 energy management business practices and development of the ISO 50001 energy and CO2 impacts methodology, which resulted in national and corporate commitments at Clean Energy Ministerial meetings and national efficiency programs.