Tracee Bosworth

Tracee Bosworth





Spot: Tracee Bosworth, Marie Butson, Azizah Chao, Bonnie Cobiseno, Katie Kirbus, Maya Minamihara -  September 8th 2023

ETA's Property Management Team did an outstanding job in Berkeley Lab's FY23 Wall-to-Wall Inventory, leading to ETA exceeding the goal set out by DOE.

Spot: Tracee Bosworth -  April 19th 2022

Extraordinary efforts during the Division's period of phased re-entry to support staff transitions and returns to the office. 

Spot: Tracee Bosworth -  May 17th 2019

By going the extra mile, researching hard to find items and interfacing with PIs and their teams, Tracee successfully completed the FY19 Statistical Sample early with a 100% success rate.