Thomas Hendrickson

Thomas Hendrickson

Energy/Environmental Policy Project Scientist/Engineer


Tommy Hendrickson has over 15 years of experience in climate change and sustainability. He has worked as lead modeler, project manager, and subject matter expert in both mitigation and resilience applications across a wide variety of infrastructure systems and industries. In mitigation, Tommy specializes in developing life-cycle assessment, material flow assessments, technoeconomic analyses, and environmental justice analyses for emerging technologies, products, and infrastructure systems to support planning and assessments, most notably in water systems, decarbonization technologies, critical materials, and waste management. In resilience, Tommy is a project manager and subject matter expert in modeling vulnerabilities and developing resilience solutions, particularly in the energy and water sectors.


Civil and Environmental Engineering, PhD, University of California Berkeley, May 2013
Civil and Environmental Engineering, MS, University of California Berkeley, May 2009
Civil Engineering, BS, Carnegie Mellon University, May 2008


Spot: EERE DECARB Team -  April 17th 2024

For creative, innovative, and impactful contributions to the EERE DECARB initiative and improving our understanding of economy-wide decarbonization strategies.