Natasha Nelson

Natasha Nelson

Business Manager
(510) 599-7253




Spot: Natasha Nelson, Marie Butson, Karyn Houston, Cristen Farley -  April 26th 2021

For exceptional contributions to the production of the 2021 Lab Director's Area Review for ETA.

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Spot: Natasha Nelson, Diane Douglas, Anita Estner, Erin Bertiglia, Sara Lee, Ellen Thomas, Karyn Houston -  May 17th 2019

For exceptional support, management and execution of the 2019 Rosenfeld Symposium.

Spot: Diane Douglas, Erin Bertiglia, Anita Estner, Karyn Houston, Natasha Nelson, Judith Novak and Laura Wong -  January 23rd 2017

For exceptional support of the 2016 ETA Area Review.

Spot: Erin Bertiglia, Karyn Houston and Natasha Nelson -  January 13th 2017

For outstanding support in the completion of ETA's first Strategic Plan.

Spot: Natasha Nelson -  September 12th 2016

For her outstanding effort in hosting, guiding and describing on film various accomplishments of Art Rosenfeld to a small film crew on site in the ETA Area Office.