Marie Butson

Marie Butson

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Phone: 510-486-7456


Spot: Tracee Bosworth, Marie Butson, Azizah Chao, Bonnie Cobiseno, Katie Kirbus, Maya Minamihara -  September 8th 2023

ETA's Property Management Team did an outstanding job in Berkeley Lab's FY23 Wall-to-Wall Inventory, leading to ETA exceeding the goal set out by DOE.

Spot: Marie Butson, Rachel Foushee, Angela Green, Ellen Thomas -  May 27th 2022

Providing superb logistical support key to the success of the LBNL Resilient Cooling Workshop 2022.

Spot: Natasha Nelson, Marie Butson, Karyn Houston, Cristen Farley -  April 26th 2021

For exceptional contributions to the production of the 2021 Lab Director's Area Review for ETA.

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Spot: Marie Butson -  December 18th 2019

For all the efforts in organizing the Dynamic Thermal Storage Workshop at LBNL

Spot: Marie Butson -  May 19th 2017

Great job in organizing the Roll to Roll multi lab consortium meeting.

Spot: Marie Butson -  January 23rd 2017

For your support with the ESDR presentation and review materials for the 2017 ETA Annual Review.