Elizabeth Coleman

Elizabeth Coleman

Administrator: Sustainable Energy & Environmental Systems Department
Administrator: Indoor Environment Group


Liz Coleman came to Berkeley Lab in 2016. She was previously the Administrator of the San Francisco Chronicle Newspapers in Education program, which included the great feat of coordinating the Northern California Spelling Bee.

During the 1980s-1990s, Liz was a staff Operations Officer, Editor, and Foreign Media Analyst for the US Government, during which time she served in Brazil, Cyprus, and Austria, while also serving as a Sergeant First Class in the US Army Reserve and Virginia and California Army National Guard.

Liz is a graduate of UC Davis with a BA in International Relations.


BA, International Relations, UC Davis


Spot: Elizabeth Coleman -  February 21st 2023

For patient, persistent and extremely valuable support to staff in navigating the complex international travel terrain with visa, COVID testing and vaccine, quarantine, reimbursement, training and telework requirements

Spot: Liz Coleman -  November 20th 2020

Outstanding performance significantly above and beyond the call of duty for her contributions to the Division during periods of transition.

Spot: Liz Coleman -  November 1st 2020

Liz was instrumental in the success of the 2019 TechWomen program at Berkeley Lab. Particularly in her immense efforts to coordinate the final seminar despite the main campus's unexpected closure due to PSPS.

Spot: Liz Coleman -  August 6th 2019

Provision of excellent support of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report literature database compilation

Spot: Liz Coleman -  July 16th 2019

Going above and beyond to resolve a complex and emergent international issue on behalf of the Division.

Spot: Liz Coleman -  December 19th 2016

For outstanding teamwork in hosting the Postdoctoral Fellows from the National Autonomous University of Mexico Welcome Reception and the Roadmap for Indonesia.