Cristian Poliziani

Cristian Poliziani

Postdoctoral Researcher


Cristian Poliziani is a Postdoctoral Scholar at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory specializing in Transportation System Engineering, with a PhD earned from the University of Bologna in March 2022.

Cristian Poliziani's research focuses on developing and evaluating large-scale and agent-based Transportation Digital Twins. Through the construction and analysis of these digital replicas, he gains valuable insights into transportation systems under different scenarios. His research can support transport planning and optimization strategies with the aim to improve users' experience and minimize environmental, social, and economic impacts, while striving for more inclusive and equitable transportation solutions.


Transportation Engineering, PhD, University of Bologna - Italy, 2022
Civil Engineering, MS, University of Bologna - Italy, 2018
Civil Engineering, BA, University of Bologna - Italy, 2016