New Platform Showcases Energy Management Systems Success

March 20, 2024

Any organization seeking to decarbonize must manage its energy, and an enterprise-wide strategy offers the best chance of success. From giant corporations to small businesses and NASA facilities to neighborhood schools, organizations of all kinds globally are cutting carbon emissions, saving money, and saving energy with energy management systems. Based on the international ISO 50001 standard, energy management systems help to build a data-driven culture around managing energy. A new online tool, the Energy Management Systems Insights database, displays successes from hundreds of case studies in a user-friendly and shareable way.

“With Energy Management Systems Insights, users have easy access to high-quality, data-driven case studies at their fingertips. This first of its kind database includes helpful filters and content tags for user-friendly, highly targeted searches," said Dr. Peter Therkelsen, Staff Scientist and Energy Management Systems Team Lead at Berkeley Lab. “Whether you're looking for examples of energy performance improvement in automotive manufacturing, or compelling testimonials from the healthcare sector, this is the tool for you.”

Recent research by the same team has shown that organizations implementing ISO 50001-based energy management systems achieve persistent annual energy efficiency gains exceeding 3%, surpassing those needed to meet IPCC climate targets. This new database not only highlights organizational achievements but also provides a platform for knowledge sharing within and across sectors. An intuitive search menu lets users select only the case studies they want to see, filtering by sector, country, size, or keywords. Downloadable maps and charts summarize energy, carbon, and cost savings across selected case studies, while key testimonials highlight what participants found most successful.