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Our Uses for Smart Meter Data webinar series began with Basic Customer Segmentation techniques.  In it, we explored how utilities can perform relatively simple analysis of their smart meter data to learn more about their customers, how they impact the grid, and which ones might be good candidates for certain rate or program offerings while others may need more dedicated and targeted education and outreach to increase their likelihood of success from participation.  In the second installment of this webinar series, we presented on the topic of Advanced Customer Segmentation techniques. Here, we identified more advanced analytical techniques that can be applied to further refine a utility’s understanding of its customers and assess who might be more viable candidates to participate in certain rate or program offerings.  In the third installment, we focused on Applications of Customer Segmentation Techniques for Existing Rates and Programs.  In particular, we discussed how the more advanced analytical techniques described in the previous webinar in the series could be applied to existing rates or programs in order to gain a much richer understanding of which customers are doing what, and how to use that information to improve program design and implementation.

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Topic #1 webinar recorded on November 15, 2018, Uses for Smart Meter Data: Basic Customer Segmentation can be found here.

Topic #2 webinar recorded on November 29, 2018, Uses for Smart Meter Data: Advanced Customer Segmentation can be found here.

Topic #3 webinar recorded on December 13, 2018, Uses for Smart Meter Data: Customer Segmentation Applications to Existing Rates and Programs can be found here


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