Green, Clean, & Mean: Pushing the Energy Envelope in Tech Industry Buildings

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When it comes to innovation in energy and building performance, one can expect leading-edge activity from the technology sector. As front-line innovators in design, materials science, and information management, developing and operating high-performance buildings is a natural extension of their core business.

The energy choices made by technology companies have broad importance given their influence on society at large as well as the extent of their own energy footprint. Microsoft, for example, has approximately 250 facilities around the world (30 million square feet of floor area), with significant aggregate energy use of approximately 4 million kilowatt-hours per day.

There is a degree of existing documentation of efforts to design, build, and operate facilities in the technology sector. However, the material is fragmented and typically looks only at a single company, or discrete projects within a company.Yet, there is no single resource for corporate planners and decision makers that takes stock of the opportunities and documents sector-specific case studies in a structured manner. This report seeks to fill that gap, doing so through a combination of generalized technology assessments (“Key Strategies”) and case studies (“Flagship Projects”).

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