Reva Deshpande

Reva Deshpande

Reva is an Energy Technology Researcher at Berkeley Lab in the Building Technology and Urban Systems Division. Her work primarily involves aiding the US Department of Energy's Better Climate Challenge (BCC) Program. Within BCC, Reva conducts research and provides technical support to help organizations reduce their portfolio-wide GHG emissions. Reva previously worked in the Energy Efficiency Standards department at Berkeley Lab supporting the rulemaking process for appliance standards. Prior to joining the Lab, Reva worked as an Energy Engineer at AESC, Inc. in Portland (OR), and Smith Engineering in New York City. Reva holds an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of California.

Contact Information

Phone: 510-486-7067


Spot: Reva Deshpande -  April 17th 2024

For outstanding efforts to deliver high-quality analysis and documentation on Residential Clothes Washers, Consumer Clothes Dryers, and Consumer Cooking Products Direct Final Rule standards rulemaking.