Ellen Thomas

Ellen Thomas

(415) 497-3677


Spot: Marie Butson, Rachel Foushee, Angela Green, Ellen Thomas -  May 27th 2022

Providing superb logistical support key to the success of the LBNL Resilient Cooling Workshop 2022.

Spot: Brendon Smith, Erin Harbin, Ellen Thomas -  March 04th 2021

For exceptional collaborative contributions to the successful CalFlexHub proposal submission and $16M award.

Spot: Angela Green, Rachel Foushee, Ellen Thomas -  November 26th 2019

Tremendous planning, organizing and execution efforts demonstrated as BTUS underwent a major renovation project.

Spot: Ellen Thomas -  August 29th 2019

Outstanding assistance with preparation and execution of the Cool Building Solutions Workshop. She thoughtfully prepared logistics for a seamless and successful international event.

Spot: Natasha Nelson, Diane Douglas, Anita Estner, Erin Bertiglia, Sara Lee, Ellen Thomas, Karyn Houston -  May 17th 2019

For exceptional support, management and execution of the 2019 Rosenfeld Symposium.

Spot: Ellen Thomas -  March 29th 2019

Allison and Ellen successfully modernized how foreign travel information is collected from our travelers. They've streamlined and enhanced the form to expedite approval as well as entry into TREX.

Spot: Ellen Thomas -  November 09th 2017

The Heat Island Group thanks Ellen Thomas for exceptional sevice in support of the Cool Walls workshop on October 25, 2017, contributing greatly to its success.

Spot: Ellen Thomas -  June 08th 2017

Going above and beyond her required duties to assist with an ambitious foreign trip.

Spot: Ellen Thomas -  January 13th 2017

Metro Energy Workshop Coordination: Professionalism and superior execution of off-site, last minute event for DOE.

Spot: Ellen Thomas -  December 16th 2016

For careful planning and attention to detail in carrying out of a series of complicated moves of key staff.