Realizing the DSM Potential of Integrated Envelope and Lighting Systems

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This report summarizes work to date on the development, implementation, and demonstration of integrated envelope and lighting systems. Two prototypes were developed through an iterative process of design and evaluation. A new method for quantifying the daylighting performance of optically complex systems was validated and used with the DOE-2 program to evaluate the energy performance of the systems. By implementing the prototypes in reduced scale, practical issues of how to build and control the systems are currently being resolved. Field tests with scale models will be used to determine daylighting and thermal performance in real-time under actual weather conditions. Demonstrations of the integrated systems either in part or as a whole system are being planned in parallel with several utility funded building programs to resolve real-world implementation under complex site, building, and cost constraints. Results of this second phase of research indicate that integrated systems offer solutions that not only achieve significant peak demand reductions but also realize consistent energy savings with added occupant comfort and satisfaction.


2nd National New Construction Programs for Demand-Side Management Conference

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