Public Sector Procurement: Issues in Program Development & Delivery

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The primary intention of this document is to illustrate the key issues and considerations made during the course of implementing a sustainable procurement program. Our primary sources of information have been our partners in the Super Efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative Procurement Working Group. Where applicable, we have highlighted specific ways in which working group participants have successfully overcome these barriers.

It is our hope that the issues discussed in this book will benefit developed and developing programs alike. In countries with less developed sustainable procurement programs, we hope that the discussions contained in the document will aid in the planning process. In addition, we hope that consideration of some of these key issues in the beginning stages of program implementation will help avoid some of the pitfalls experienced by more mature programs. In the case of more developed programs, we hope this book will spur conversation among those responsible for administering and evaluating sustainable procurement programs. In many cases, developed programs are seeking to improve existing processes and develop more effective purchaser resources.

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