Microgrid Evolution Roadmap Engineering, Economics, and Experience

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This paper reports on the work of the CIGRÉ C6.22 Working Group, Microgrid Evolution Roadmap, which has recently finalized its first Technical Brochure. The Working Group was asked to identify the main elements required to justify, develop, and implement viable microgrids, which the Group defined as follows: Microgrids are electricity distribution systems containing loads and distributed energy resources, (such as distributed generators, storage devices, or controllable loads) that can be operated in a controlled, coordinated way either while connected to the main power network or while islanded. The main types of microgrids are described, and a benefits estimation approach developed and demonstrated. Also, an extensive review is made of microgrid functionality and technology, and a database of microgrid pilot projects has been built.


2015 International Symposium on Smart Electric Distribution Systems and Technologies (EDST15)

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