Light-scattering properties of a woven shade-screen material used for daylighting and solar heat-gain control

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Shade-screens are widely used in commercial buildings as a way to limit the amount of direct sunlight that can disturb people in the building. The shade screens also reduce the solar heat-gain through glazing the system. Modern energy and daylighting analysis software such as EnergyPlus and Radiance require complete scattering properties of the scattering materials in the system.

In this paper a shade screen used in the LBNL daylighting testbed is characterized using a photogoniometer and a normal angle of incidence integrating sphere. The data is used to create a complete bi-directional scattering distribution function (BDSF) that used in simulation programs.

The resulting BDSF is compared to a model's BDSF, both directly and by calculating the solar heat-gain coefficient for a dual-pane system using Window 6.


SPIE Optics+Photonics

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