Ice-Making in the U.S.: Results from an Amazon Mechanical Turk Survey

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To better understand the use of refrigeration products and ice in households, we surveyed 2694 people across the U.S.  We found 2.9% of households had non-compressor refrigerators, 0.1% had hybrid products with a wine chiller compartment, and 1.6% had stand-alone icemakers.  Approximately 49.2% of households used one or more ice-making appliances for producing ice.  Household average ice use was 1.8 lb per day, or 0.6 lb per day if adjusted to match results of previous field-metering studies.  We also present results on the characteristics of stand-alone icemakers, the distribution of personal ice use, and the variation of ice use with ice-making method.  The results of this survey can help shed light on the structure of residential refrigeration energy use.  

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