Evaluation of energy efficiency standards for residential clothes dryers in the USA

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This article describes the analysis of monetary and energy savings attributable to various energy efficiency levels considered as potential US federal standards for residential clothes dryers. The analysis examined benefits to both consumers and the nation as a whole. Benefits to consumers were evaluated based on the life-cycle cost of affected appliances and the payback period associated with increased first costs. Benefits to the nation incorporate both energy and financial savings associated with each potential efficiency standard. The analysis incorporated the most current information on field use of clothes dryers, which shows that dryer usage and the moisture in clothes are less than previously thought. The analysis found that high-efficiency heat pump clothes dryers would be cost-effective for nearly one fifth of US households. However, for both electric standard and gas clothes dryers, standards that improve efficiency by 5 % appear to be the highest levels that have a positive net present value of consumer benefit.


Energy Efficiency

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