Stephen Harris

Stephen Harris

Principal Scientific Engineer Associate


Steve Harris received a BS degree in chemistry from UCLA and a PhD in physical chemistry from Harvard University. After a Miller Post-Doctoral Fellowship at UC Berkeley, he began his career at the General Motors Research Labs. Apart from a stint at the Ford Scientific Research Labs, Steve worked at GM until 2011, when he was awarded a Miller Visiting Professorship in the UC Berkeley Chemistry Department. Since then he has worked in the Materials Science Division at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, and he is presently a Visiting Scholar in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Stanford.
Steve’s work has ranged widely, and it includes studies of combustion chemistry, the kinetics and thermodynamics for growth of CVD films, aerosol dynamics modeling, fatigue failure in gears, and fracture mechanics in cast aluminum. When he returned to GM from Ford, he started work on Li-ion batteries, focusing on how the presence of heterogeneities and flaws affects ion transport, durability, and energy density. He is presently looking at the mechanics and electrochemistry at Li metal interfaces.

Harris has over 12,000 citations and an h-index of 61


Physical Chemistry, PhD, Harvard, 1975
Physical Chemistry, Miller Institute Post Doctoral Fellow, 1977