Natalie Frick

Natalie Frick

Deputy: Energy Markets & Policy Department
Policy Researcher IV


Natalie Mims Frick is an Energy Policy Researcher in the Electricity Markets and Policy Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Natalie conducts research and manages projects on energy efficiency technical assistance, policy, program design, implementation and evaluation.

Prior to joining LBNL, Natalie was the principal at Mims Consulting, LLC, where she served as an expert witness in demand-side management regulatory proceedings across the country. Before starting her company, Ms. Mims Frick was the Energy Efficiency Director at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) and, prior to that, a Senior Consultant at Rocky Mountain Institute. During her work at both of these non-profit organizations she focused on regulatory issues pertaining to clean energy adoption, most recently on planning, portfolio design and integrated resource planning for utility energy efficiency programs.

While at SACE Natalie was an expert witness for energy efficiency proceedings throughout the Southeast. She has extensive experience evaluating and testifying on energy efficiency potential studies; energy efficiency goal-setting and compliance; evaluation, measurement and verification; and efficiency portfolio and program planning. At Rocky Mountain Institute her research focused on quantifying energy efficiency potential and the best opportunities to capture energy, environmental and economic savings. She also was a contributing author of Reinventing Fire. Natalie holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Science from Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Studies in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School.



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