Maya Minamihara

Maya Minamihara

Principal Supervisor, Admin Scvs
(510) 486-4636


Spot: Maya Minamihara -  April 20th 2023

World class logistical support of the DRX+ program review achieved on a short turnaround

Spot: Maya Minamihara -  May 13th 2022

Maya took the lead on this group effort. Her contribution made the ARCHES event a huge success! Attendees were greeted with food, professionalism and all the help they could need while attending this event. Thank you!

Spot: Maya Minamihara -  June 30th 2021

Maya has gone above and beyond to provide ESC Director Noel Bakhtian with world-class support, stretching herself and committing a significant amount of time and effort to ensure that Noel's needs have been met.


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Spot: Maya Minamihara -  July 13th 2020

In recognition of outstanding contributions, leadership and tireless work for the organization of the 15th International Conference on Laser Ablation (COLA).

Spot: Maya Minamihara -  February 23rd 2017

For her excellent efforts clearing a longstanding encumbrance so that funds could be used for research.

Spot: Maya Minamihara -  November 16th 2016

For her generous effort and assistance with the UCOP/LBNL Battery Workshop, providing flawless collateral and logistical execution of the Poster Session at the UCOP/LBNL Battery Workshop.

Spot: Maya Minamihara -  December 02nd 2015

In recognition of her extraordinary effort and high quality work in producing 220 Poster Session abstract booklets single-handedly and managing the setup of the Poster Session at the 2015 Bay Area Battery Summit.