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Kiran Julin

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Kiran Julin has expertise as a writer as well as a documentary film editor. She studied environmental engineering as an undergrad with an emphasis on renewable energy. Julin has helped produce and edit international, criminal justice, environmental and health stories for FRONTLINE, PBS, NBC, Cornell University as well as for non-profit and corporate events. She holds a master's degree in journalism and documentary filmmaking from the University of California at Berkeley and a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering from Cornell University. Julin studied Mandarin Chinese as an undergraduate, and has extensive experience working and living in China. Before becoming a writer and filmmaker, she conducted research on passive solar architecture in southwestern China and also worked as a photographer and research assistant for The Nature Conservancy in Yunnan, China.


Spot: Kiran Julin -  May 2nd 2022

During the planning and execution of the National Energy Storage Summit, one of the major announcements planned for the event was the launch of the LBNL/SLAC national virtual field trip seminar series for energy storage. Kiran volunteered to support this effort and started working months before the Summit to bring the idea to fruition on time and better than imagined. Her wide-ranging experience, attention to detail, and prolific writing efforts allowed us to develop a great plan for the event so that we could announce this two-lab effort. Kiran's efforts also meant that we had a strong story to tell with the virtual visit to the International Space Station (the first "tour" in the series) - a major draw for Summit attendance. This was one of the most complicated initiatives of the Summit, with several website pages, many internal and external documents, and several speeches accomplished thanks to Kiran's efforts.

Spot: Kiran Julin -  February 10th 2022

Kiran Julin ensured editorial consistency and outstanding content as ETA updated all of its websites to a new Content Management System software upgrade.

Spot: Strategic Plan Refresh Team -  May 3rd 2021

For exceptional service and professionalism in the design, development and production of ETA's 2021 Strategic Plan Refresh.

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Spot: Kiran Julin, Cristen Farley -  March 19th 2021

For exceptional collaborative contributions to the successful China Energy Outlook website completion under short timeline.

Spot: Kiran Julin and Cristen Farley -  March 19th 2021

For exceptional collaborative contributions to the successful China Energy Outlook website completion under a short timeline.

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