Jo Seel

Jo Seel

Policy Researcher III
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Dr. Joachim (Jo) Seel is a Policy Researcher at the Electricity Markets and Policy Department at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His research focuses on solar and wind market developments and their transmission interconnection costs, the integration of high shares of intermittent and distributed renewable generation into the electricity grid, and associated effects on electricity markets. He presented in front of the California Governor, domestic and international regulatory bodies, and at academic and industry conferences.

His past work experience includes stations at the European Parliament in Belgium, the American Wind Energy Association in Washington, D.C., the Commission for Renewable Energy Development at the Chinese Energy Ministry in Beijing and the German Federal Ministry for Energy and the Economy in Berlin. He has consulted a number of private and public sector clients on energy economics, renewable energy technologies and energy policy.

Joachim Seel holds a PhD and MS of Energy and Resources and a Master in Public Policy from UC Berkeley. A native of Hamburg, Jo came to the Bay Area from the international Jacobs University in Germany, where he studied environmental policies and international relations.


Spot: Joachim Seel -  November 09th 2022

For exceptional performance and tireless effort to generate and release the MISO interconnection cost report prior to the FERC NOPR comment deadline.

Spot: Will Gorman, Joseph Rand, Joachim Seel -  February 24th 2022

For successful leadership of interconnection queue and hybrid top-10 projects.

Spot: IEA Wind Expert Survey Team -  November 30th 2020

For your leadership in the formulation, design, execution and analysis of the IEA Wind expert survey on future wind energy costs.

Spot: Joachim Seel -  June 07th 2018

For demonstrating leadership in analyzing, communicating and disseminating research on the impacts of variable renewable resources on electricity prices.

WindEurope Summit 2016 Poster Award: Ryan Wiser, Jo Seel -  October 04th 2016

Ryan Wiser and Joachim Seel were co-authors on a winning poster at the WindEurope Summit 2016. Along with Volker Berkhout (Fraunhofer IWES), Roberto Lacal-Arantegui (EC Joint Research Centre), Maureen Hand (NREL), Karen Jenni (Insight Decisions, LLC), Eric Lantz(NREL), Aaron Smith(NREL) Erin Baker(University of Massachusetts—Amherst) they won the Best Poster Award in the finance track. Their poster, titled “The World’s Leading Experts Opine on Future Wind Energy Costs and Cost Drivers,” is based on the report Forecasting Wind Energy Costs and Cost Drivers: The Views of the World’s Leading Experts.

Spot: Joachim Seel -  April 13th 2016

For your leadership in executing the IEA wind expert elicitation survey: truly a herculean effort.