Jason Lee

Jason Lee

Postdoctoral Researcher
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Jason Keonhag Lee is a postdoctoral fellow in Energy Conversion Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. His research focuses on multi-phase transport occuring at the interfaces of electrochemical energy conversion devices and storage devices, including electrolyzers and fuel cells. He received his PhD in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the Unviersity of Toronto in 2020 on investigating two-phase tranport in porous transport layers of polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolyzers under supervision of Dr. Aimy Bazylak. His work involved of using simulation techniques to design optimal porous transport layers, and experimentally validating it via in operando X-ray synchrotron radiography and in operando neutron radiography.

Jason's research in LBL is to advance the electrochemical energy conversion devices by rationally designing interfaces at multiple scales. His research interest also includes in developing durable and low loaded catalysts for green hydrogen production. Jason's other research interests are in unitized reversible fuel cells, CO2 reduction cells, and alkaline water electrolyzer cells.

Jason's  list of publications can be found at his Google Scholar page.


Mechanical Engineering, PhD, University of Toronto, 2020
Mechanical Engineering, MASc, University of Victoria, 2016
Mechanical Engineering, BEng, University of Victoria, 2014