James Kim

James Kim

Policy Researcher II
(510) 486-5261


James Hyungkwan Kim is a seasoned Energy Economist, currently working as an Energy/Environment Policy Researcher in the Electricity Markets and Policy Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His research focuses on clean energy market policy and the analysis of the value and costs associated with power system technologies. In the context of a rapidly decarbonizing grid, he explores and evaluates clean energy resources. He disseminates his insights through reputable outlets such as Applied Energy, The Energy Jouranl, Energy Research & Social Science, and IEEE, among others.

Prior to his tenure at the lab, James built a diverse career, both domestically and internationally. In the United States, he served as an energy economist and trader at Tenaska Power Services and contributed as an energy policy researcher at the Indiana State Utility Forecasting Group. His global experience includes roles in the United Nations Environment Programme in Geneva, focusing on Finance Initiative and the ASEAN summit addressing energy issues. He also has experience in investment banking for green finance and management consultancy for sustainable businesses.

James's academic qualifications include a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from Purdue University, an M.S. in Economics from Brunei University, and a B.A. in Computer Science and Industrial Engineering from Yonsei University.

His body of work, reflected in his publications, covers a broad spectrum of topics within the energy sector, from the economics of energy storage, solar, wind plants to the diffusion trends of rooftop solar technologies. Through his research, James contributes to the critical discourse on energy policy, driving forward the understanding of the most effective and equitable paths towards a sustainable energy future.