Jacob Bueno de Mesquita

Jacob Bueno de Mesquita

(510) 486-6570


Jacob Bueno de Mesquita is an environmental health epidemiologist. He dedicated much of his doctoral and postdoctoral study to quantifying modes of influenza transmission, characterizing viral shedding (including SARS-CoV-2 virus) in exhaled breath aerosols, and identifying contagious biomarkers. He has worked on an influenza human challenge-transmission trial and observational studies of acute respiratory infection in a campus community. Earlier he trained in basic biomedical science and global health at Georgetown, and joined CDC as a Public Health Associate where he contributed to emergency preparedness, immunization programs, and clinical public health service delivery. He joined Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a postdoc to study ventilation and other engineering controls with the goals of mitigating pandemics, promoting well-being, and achieving greater harmony with the natural environment.

Postdoc: Environmental Health Science, University of Maryland

PhD: Environmental Health Science, University of Maryland

Fellowship: Public Health Associate, CDC

BS: Human Science (with Global Health Certificate), Georgetown University