International Workshop on Premixed Turbulent Flames

13th Workshop, Warsaw, Poland July 27-27 2010

Premixed Turbulent Flames Database on CMCS

The International Workshop on Premixed Turbulent Flames is held every two years as a "satellite" meeting of the International Combustion Symposium.

Goal -To provide an open forum for communication and information exchange among theoreticians and experimentalists in fundamental research on premixed turbulent flames.

Format and Agenda - We encourage open discussion and accept only short presentations of no more than 10 minutes.

Previous workshops were held at

Berkeley          1988
Paris               1990
Sydney            1992
San Diego       1994
Naples             1996
Boulder            1998
Cambridge      2000
Tokyo               2002
Evanston          2004
Mainz                2006
Montreal           2008
Beijing               2010

The 13th Workshop will be held at the Warsaw University of Technology
Location: Room 105, Institute of Heat Engineering,
Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineer
Nowowiejska 21/25, Warsaw. Poland



Experimental Database

The framework of a web accessible experimental database has been developed at the 8th Workshop.  The initial focus is on developing sites for three catagories of stationary laboratory premixed flames with isotropic turbulence that has very low shear-stresses.

An outcomes of the 9th Workshop is the inclusion of a catagory for highly sheared flames. These flames burn within the mixing layers of jets, wakes, and in highly recirulcating swirl flows. Click here to see the descriptions of these laboratory flames and their attributes.

Sites for transient flames will be our next targets.

The database uses the Collaboratory for Multi-scale Chemical Science (CMCS) portal. The otranizers and active participants of this workshop are developing and testing the procedure for data entry for general release in 2006.


Technical Program Organizers:

Friedrich Dinkelacker,
Leibniz Universität Hannover, Hannover Germany

James F. Driscoll,
University of Michigan,
Ann Arbor, USA,

Ömer L. Gülder,
University of Toronto,
Toronto, Canada

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